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Mikrotik Training Officers

Mikrotik regularly run training officers in several cities.

"Mikrotik OS-ROUTER - Concepts and Applications"

Traditionally given by the MD Program Brazil (MikrotikBrasil) since 2006 and focuses on several relevant features of the Mikrotik so intermediate / advanced with a particular focus but not limited to Internet Service Providers and Administrators Network TCP / IP Wireless or Wired that already employ or intend to employ The MikroTik RouterOS as a total or partial solution. This training enables participants to participate in the examination decertification: MTCNA


Knowledge of the physical phenomena involved in RF links is crucial to the understanding and solution of practical problems experienced in everyday life. This course aims to enable participants to the dimensioning of links point to point long distance and multi-port systems for treatment of end users. Approach of the concepts important for the correct choice of equipment and antennas independent product brand and laboratories use a special focus on specific applications wireless.Certificação Mikrotik: MTCWE

"Dynamic Routing"

Approach advanced in the implementation Mikrotik dynamic routing protocols: OSPF, BGP, MPLS and Multicast. Prerequisites: Participants must have a solid working knowledge of TCP / IP and static routing. Participation in a previous training of MTCNA MikrotikBrasil is not mandatory but is desirable. The MikrotikBrasil is the only Brazilian company approved to conduct this training and your Trainer responsible (Wardner Maia) is the only Brazilian and MTCINE MTCRE certificate, obtained in both direct training with the International Mikrotik Europa.Certificação: MTCRE and MTCINE

Course Mikrotik Curítiba - Paraná


From: 10 to April 13, 2012

Course: "Mikrotik OS-ROUTER - Concepts and Applications" 
Date: 10/04/2012 to 13/04/2012 
Location: Hotel Deville Curitiba  
Certification: MTCNA

From: 10 to April 13, 2012

Course: "Dynamic Routing" 
Date: 10/04/2012 to 13/04/2012 
Location: Hotel Deville Curitiba  
Certification: MTCRE and MTCINE

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Further information and details are available by phone (17) 3344-7277 or

To access the course syllabus and instructions on how to subscribe, just fill out the form below and receive them by email.

REQUIREMENTS: To better use of the course, the participant is required to bring a notebook. For two participants from the same company, it may be shared.


Registration ........ R $ 1,200.00 per person

Payment: 3 parts (deposit + 2 post-dated checks)

ATTENTION: ** Entries are only effective after sending by fax proof of payment of the first term of registration accompanied by the completed and signed. And since space is limited, so it reached the threshold number, no new registrations will be accepted, so do not make ticket purchase or reservation of accommodation before receiving confirmation that your application has been accepted .**

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