Telecom Operator

The MD Brasil has been authorized by ANATEL (Brazilian National Agency for Telecommunications) to operate throughout the national territory as a provider of Multimedia Communication Service - SCM, authorization is granted by the board of the agency through Act 56799/2006.

With the observance of the relevant legislation and following the direction of the projects submitted and received approval from Anatel, Brazil has implemented the MD data communications solutions, voice and images using digital radio technology, fiber optic and metallic pairs by region and application. The nationwide service to be also guaranteed the lease of physical means of other carriers, including also satellite coverage.

The permit held by SCM MD Brasil comprises a wide range of services, ranging from providing basic connectivity to the Internet, dedicated to the formation of networks for the corporate and SOHO market. Among the applications offered can highlight the creation of Virtual Private Networks (VP''s) connecting a group of companies nationwide.

Believing that the offer Value Added Services to its customers can represent a great advantage in this competitive market of telecommunications and information technology, MD Brasil is prepared to provide directly or through strategic services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), Video on demand (VoD) and all your other authorization permits.

For both Brazil MD's network has connections with the public Internet through different carriers, private networks and connections with networks of providers STFC (Fixed Switched Telephone).

The MD's own network stations regularly Brazil currently has in operation in the states of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.