Human Resources

The main asset of a company's technology is certainly the knowledge of its employees. Based on this premise MD Brasil seeks to constantly invest in the development of his staff through courses, training and certifications.

The MD Brasil today has many direct employees in the areas of support and development and also has strategic partnerships with independent consultants who indirectly integrate their professional staff. Thus, certain tasks of support and remote intervention can be conducted by accredited consultants optimally and cost savings to the customer.

Social Role

Since its founding in 1995 the MD Brasil has sought to give back to the community which is present to play its social role in formation of children and adolescents. 
The company pioneered digital inclusion projects in small communities by providing free access to all public schools in seven cities in the region of Trough, thus benefiting about 25,000 children and young people. In addition, a voluntary, professional MD courses in Brazil promoted technology aimed at disadvantaged youth. 
For his social work in 1998, Brazil was recognized by MD ABRINQ foundation as the "Child-Friendly Company", a title the company has until today to continue investing and constantly renewing their actions sócias.A company was also awarded the SENAC awards - "Company that Educates" and "Enterprise Development" NGO Orange Blossom.

Certificates of Recognition Social

"Child-Friendly Company"

"Company that Educates" SENAC

"Solidarity Company" - NGO Orange Blossom