Projects to obtain licenses 

The MD Brasil provides services to companies already in the telecommunications market or wish to join him, guiding them from the seed stage, preparing the necessary projects and monitoring the entire process for obtaining various types of licenses to Anatel - Agencia National Telecommunications.

Currently MD Brasil has provided services for several companies to obtain the following licenses:

- License SCM - Communication Services 
- SLP license - Private Limited Service 
- License STFC - Switched Fixed Telephone Service 
- License DTH - S ervice Signal Distribution Audio and TV satellite pay

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Advice for businesses already authorized 

Once obtained a license to operate Telecominicações service, the company is authorized to take a series of obligations that must be met, such as sending periodic information, maintenance of certain records of events, records, etc.. The MD Brasil has specialized staff providing the advisory services to these companies, being responsible for the correct shipping and maintaining this information, as well as acting in guiding the company and the various procedures avoiding problems during inspections. Thus the authorized company can focus on their core business with the assurance that is backed by an experienced team focused on regulatory issues.

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