Company Profile 
MDBrasil IT & Telecom is a company focused on infrastructure solutions for data, voice and image communications, providing worldwide consulting services, trainings, equipment sales and integration. Regionally, the company act also as an Internet Service Provider, providing access to the Internet, corporative communication, hosting and co-location services. 

With special focus on connectivity, security and quality of service for wireless and wired networks, MD Brasil has throughout its existence acted strongly in the sector of ISP's, telecommunications operators  and government.

A brief history 

Founded in 1995, by an electronic engineer, a financier and a business administrator, MDBrasil started its activities as an Internet Service Provider in Bebedouro, São Paulo, Brazil. Due to increasing demand  for connectivity, the company broadened its activities to neighboring cities, quickly becoming the largest access provider in its region. 
Due to the necessity of linking all the cities where it was present, MD Brasil was pioneer in use of its own digital radios instead of traditional leased lines supplied by the incumbents. Besides linking its own sites, the company played an important role popularizing the Internet access technologies, being pioneer in the use of radios also for the final customers. Until today the called WISP's (Wireless ISP's) are responsible to big part of the broadband connectivity around the world, specially in rural areas and small towns not covered by wired technologies.     
With the evolution of the market, growing demand for broadband connections, crescent requisites for quality of service and a big competition with big operators, the company noticed the necessity of specialization, recycling of its human resources and the establishment of strategical partnerships with foreign companies. 
A real re-engineering took place and as a result, from a regional ISP, MD Brasil became a supplier of solutions for other Internet Service Providers. Since 2002, with training courses and consulting services, MD Brasil has formed lots of professionals around Brazil and South America. 
In 2006, MD Brasil consolidated its position in IT and Telecommunication sector aggregating equipments to its portfolio. Nowadays, the company is importer, manufacturer and integrator of routers and other telecommunications products.


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